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Martial Arts

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(Ages 13 & up)


Develop. Grow. Express.
Everyone benefits from a healthy lifestyle; teens & adults need a place where they can focus their energy on something unrelated to their school or work.  Taking a break from classes, work, re-energizing, or doing something fun and healthy.


We offer a, friendly, fun experience for students of all walks of life to gain confidence and improve their physical health.  Our teaching is geared toward the age and abilities of our students.  This class is focused on developing current skill sets and learning new ones.

Class Schedule


Our studio teaches Tang Soo Do, a traditional martial art, that strongly values integrity, respect, and self-control.  We offer an atmosphere that is both serious in nature and fun.  You will learn to set goals for yourself and to make strides towards living a healthy life style. 



Alongside traditional training, such as forms (sequence of pre-arranged movement), we practice practical self-defense, learning techniques that focus on gross motor skills.  We keep it simple because when under stress, you are more likely to remember a simple move.


Willingness to learn and try new things

Effort toward self-improvement


Self-Control & Confidence

Learning to teach others


Balance, coordination, agility

Learn stances, blocks, punches, kicks


Memorize long sequences of movement


Learn Korean terminology & history of Tang Soo Do

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